Sundays 5:30 PM at the Palm Island Resort Clubhouse

Small Groups and Home Bible Studies in Palm Island, FL



Ladies Bible Study

Meets Thursday’s at 8:45am.
Susan Noto’s Home:181 North Gulf

Resort Ladies Bible Study

Meets on Mondays in various ladies’ homes at 9:30 a.m.
Please Call Polly Woodworth (781-696-6037) for this week’s location.

Holly Wade Bible Study

Meet’s Tuesday’s at 8:45am.
Call Holly at 407-221-9051 for this week’s location.
Holy bible — Church in Placida, FL


Men meet from 8am-9:30am Wednesdays at a different home each week.
Call Jim Gordon (941-268-3299) for this week’s location

Our Location

Island Fellowship can only be reached for regular worship service hours off-island through use of the Ferry at the end of Panama Street off Placida Road next to Johnny Leverocks Restaurant. There are various pass book rates available for regular attendees. Walk-On rates are $8 per person, however you will still be over one mile from the Resort Clubhouse or Beach location. With advance notice, local island church members will be happy to come pick you up and take you to services. Please call the church office by noon on Friday at 941-697-5848 to arrange pick-up. It would be our pleasure and blessing to make it easier for you to join us.

The Car Ferry Landing:

26º 52-N
80º 10-W
2000 Panama Blvd
Englewood, Fl 34224